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Tyler Optix Newly Launched Products

Uncompromisable vision for active outdoor activity enjoyment

sunglasses have been designed with bifocal reading lenses moulded to
the inside bottom of the lens especially for cyclists, motor cyclist,
runners and motorists into account to view speedometers, GPS, heart rate
monitors and watches. These glasses differ from normal bifocal readers
as the lens size height of 13mm was specifically chosen as not to
interfere with normal distance viewing but to be able to glance down and
focus on the screen but will not interfere with normal viewing.

For sport or everyday use

Bifocal Sports Sunglasses

My problem is seeing my bike’s Garmin GPS and
need reading glasses which is neither practical nor safe while riding a bike. I
could not find good quality and inexpensive Bifocal Sports Glasses in South
Africa so had some imported which then becomes expensive. Some of my fellow
cycling friends at my club also needed these glasses so decided to fill the need
gap and went overseas and had some designed and made for my new company I
started. A small bifocal lens is moulded into the bottom of the sunglasses
large enough to see my Garmin but small enough as not to interfere with my
cycling. The sunglasses have UV400 and Impact protection for safety. My friends
and I have tested these glasses for almost a year now and work perfectly. The sunglasses have also been tested on the Joberg2C
2014, 900km, 9 day MTB race where we had to navigate with GPS only and negotiate
tricky single track, they performed perfectly.

My stock has finally arrived and can be
purchased from the online website: www.TylerOptix.co.za
. Stock should also available from cycling shops soon and will be published on
the website.

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